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TV 2 expands with 3 Premier League HD-channels

The Norwegian football fans are well taken care of. Norwegian TV 2 is making sure that they can cheer for their team in every Premier League match in the oncoming season. August 14 2010 Norwegian TV 2 launches three Premier League HD-channels, that are dedicated to transmit the crème de la crème of Premier League football.

The tv-channel TV 2 Premier League HD will be transmitting Premier League football round the clock. The channel will be broadcasting live matches, British sport programmes, from Premier League's own HD-channel, and material produced by TV 2 Sporten. Every weekend TV 2 will be present at every match courtside in England with commentators and reporters.

"We have acquired the Premier League rights because we want to expand our wide variety of exciting offers for the Norwegian football fans. It is a major investment but it is an important tool for the media company to unite earnings from ad sales and subscription fees. We think that the market will expand in the future. And with the rights for both English and Norwegian football the next three years, I believe that we are well prepared for taking a major share of that growth," says TV 2's Editor in Chief Alf Hildrum.

Premier League on every channel
As part of the Premier League transmissions TV 2 is opening additional two channels: TV 2 Premier League HD 2 and TV 2 Premier League HD 3, which exclusively are event channels that will air live transmitted matches. It is not only on tv you can catch TV 2 Premier League HD, as TV 2 is aims broaden the exposure by using several different platforms.

"We want to give Premier League back to the people. Following the TV 2 tradition we want to make sure that Premier League is accessible on all the platforms that people use. We have a substantial focus on, web-tv, mobile phone and iPad. Later on, more platforms will follow. Our goal is to give the users access to amazing experiences on all platforms," says editor Håvard Myklebust of TV 2 Sporten.

Furthermore, TV 2 will transmit all matches onto the online tv-channel TV 2 Sumo and selected on mobile phones.

World Cup on TV 2 Premier League HD
TV 2 Premier League HD will start transmitting from June 11 and will, after that, transmit all matches from the World Cup in HD.