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TV 2 behind new MediaCity in Bergen

In 2016 the big media organizations of Bergen will join houses in the new MediaCity.

  • MediaCity Bergen

    MediaCity Bergen

The MediaCity will be the first of its kind in Scandinavia. It was TV 2 who initiated the project with the ambition to establish an environment of creativity and collaboration in Bergen; a Norwegian city, which is already well-known for its media industry. MediaCity is planned to house more than 1200 employees.

Alf Hildrum, Managing Director of TV 2, states:
-The media industry is in a period of huge change. We therefore believe in joining creativity and generating common knowledge across the different organizations. I look forward to a modern, functional and flexible media house that will improve efficiency in television production.

After considering several projects it was decided to go with the building in Lars Hilles Gate no. 30. Central to the vision are concepts of joint meeting rooms, dining facilities and a common entrance hall to create a hub of Norwegian media industry. The tall building is already well-known in Bergen and with comprehensive reconstruction it will aspire to be one of the renowned symbols of the city in 2016.

Other partners in the project of bringing headquarters together in one building are NRK, Bergens Tidende, Bergensavisen, Vizrt and University of Bergen.