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TV 2 Norway continues growth for fourth month in a row

Egmont-owned Norwegian TV 2 increases its market share and viewing rates for the fourth month in a row despite difficult market conditions.

In May TV 2 Norway's market share grew to 19.4 percent in the age group 12 +. This is an increase of 0.3 percentage points compared to the same month last year. Also the supplementary channels went ahead and altogether TV 2's advertising channels got a share of 27.3 percent.

- This is a good month for TV 2. We continue to progress for the fourth month in a row in a tough market, says Communications Manager Jan-Petter Dahl.

Especially the supplementary channels is a bright spot.

- All our additional channels increase in the commercial target audience group. Both Zebra, Bliss, the News Channel and the Sports channel has progressed. And especially for TV 2 Zebra the numbers are very good. The channel increased by one percentage point in the age group 20-49. It provides the TV 2 Group with a total increase of 0.2 percentage points in this audience, Jan-Petter Dahl comments.

But it is the competitor SBS Discovery, who was the big winner in May, Dahl reckons. However he believes in continued growth for TV 2 considering the summer they have in store.

- May is a "middle month" where many of the major programs have their season finales. But we are now entering June with the World Cup In Brazil, sent exclusively on TV2 and NRK. Historically, the World Cup has drawn great viewing masses to the TV, and of course we are hoping for the same this year. It gives us great confidence in continued growth for the summer, he says. 


Figures for May

Total shares in the age group 12+ (May 2013 in brackets): 

TV 2: 19.4% (19.1 %) + 0.3 pp
TV 2 Zebra: 3.1% (2.5%) + 0.6 pp
TV 2 News: 2.8% (2.5%) + 0.3 pp
TV 2 Bliss: 1.4% (1.2%) + 0.2 pp
TV 2 Sport Channel: 0.6% (0.4%) + 0.2 pp
Total for TV 2's advertising channels: 27.3% (25.7 %) + 1.6 pp 

Total for SBS Discovery channels: 19.1% (16.7 %) + 2.4 pp
Total for MTG TV: 7.8% (7.7%) + 0.1 pp
Total for NRK channels: 35.0% (37.8 %) - 2.8 pp