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Susanne Bier receives film award

During the celebration of Nordisk Film's 104th birthday The Nordisk Film Foundation has handed out the Erik Balling Travel Grant of 50.000 Danish kroner to film director Susanne Bier.

The Erik Balling Travel Grant is given to a person who "creates works that especially – like Balling's movies – appeal to a broader audience and thus emphasizes the popularity of Danish film."

The award is a travel grant, because Erik Balling and his partner, Henning Bahs, through many years showed that travel fosters inspiration and get the creative juices flowing – and that it builds up energy for renewed efforts.

Since her debut i 1991 with "Freud flytter hjemmefra", her break-through in 1999 with "Den eneste ene" at lately "Hævnen", which has sold more than 400.000 cinema tickets in Denmark so far, Susanne Bier has made an impact on Danish film.

In his motivation speech jury foreman Thomas Heinesen said:

"Like no other director Susanne Bier has told spot-on stories that unites great emotional authentication, trustworthy characters, basic excitement and a good deal of humor. She knows how to convey emotions and moods and she knows that it's fun to talk to a broad audience at the same time."