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Startupbootcamp invades the Egmont building

Egmont sponsors the start-up program Startupbootcamp. In the year to come dedicated, international start-up teams invade the Egmont building in Copenhagen.

Startupbootcamp is a program for talented start-up teams. The program operates in ten cities across Europe and the Middle East. Startupbootcamp Mobility operates in Copenhagen and has its main focus on mobile technologies and solutions. Ten of the best start-up teams are selected and during the three months Startupbootcamp provides support for product and business development. During the program, Startupbootcamp helps the start-up teams raise their first investment, find their first clients and develop into attractive businesses.

In the year to come Egmont provides housing at the Egmont building in Copenhagen for Startupbootcamp Mobility. A new program begins in September where ten start-up teams move in and try to establish their businesses. Chief Operation Officer at Startupbootcamp Morten Krarup Kristensen is looking forward to working with Egmont.

"To be able to work at Egmont and have the contact surface that we have with an affiliate who has the size and breadth of Egmont is a unique opportunity for us to draw upon a wide range of industry-specific expertise for our start-ups. Being able to use the specific skills in the field of digitalization, entertainment, sales, strategy and media is a dream scenario for us," says Morten Krarup Kristensen.

Startupbootcamp Mobility is working to help create some of the world's best mobile and web solution companies. Egmont's role in the cooperation with Startupbootcamp and the talented start-up teams opens up a range of possibilities.

"The type of companies and individuals at Startupbootcamp Mobility are among the most creative and innovative concepts and people from all over the world. Egmont gets access to an innovation environment that has been perfected over the last four years and today has helped more than 150 companies of all types and in all industries. Among the companies working at Startupbootcamp Mobility there will without a doubt be opportunities for collaboration with several Egmont business areas," says Morten Krarup Kristensen.

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