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'Spørrespillet GENI' is a great success

The quiz app 'Spørrespillet GENI' reached 4th position in App Store in its first week.

What is the name of the architect who designed the glass pyramid next to Louvre? Which TV series made Calista Flockhart famous in the late 90´s? This is just a few questions from the Norwegian quiz app 'Spørrespillet GENI', published by Egmont Publishing.

'Spørrespillet GENI' was launched in App Store and Google Play just before Easter and has turned out be a great success. After only one week it reached the number 4 spot in the Top Free list in App Store. So far the app has passed 36.000 downloads on the iOS version, and 4000 on Android.

The app is based on the highly successful 'GENI' quiz board game and consist of four categories; TV & Entertainment, Norway, Culture & History, Our World and Sport & Leisure. You can either test your knowledge in all categories or just one.

In the near future, it is planned that the app will have several in-app purchase options, much more content, and a multiplayer feature.

'Spørespillet GENI' is free and available for tablets and smartphones. All questions are in Norwegian.