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Seat number 29,000

April 2013 marked one of the biggest investments in Egmont's history, when Nordisk Film Cinemas bought the Norwegian cinemas Oslo Kino. Gathered together they are disposal for over 29,000 cinema seats.

Since the two large cinema chains merged, employees on both sides of the Skagerrak have gained opportunities to learn from each other. Oslo Kino has made great progress in automating and digitising many processes, which Nordisk Film Cinemas can learn from. On the other hand, the Danish cinemas have made more headway in service concept development and training, by which the Norwegian cinemas can get inspired from.

'The Nordic market is already Egmont's and Nordisk Film's local market. The Norwegian cultural landscape is in many ways resembles to Denmark's. The range of films is largely the same – with a considerable emphasis on local titles in both Norway and Denmark – and the guests like to be treated in the same way. There are relatively few practical and cultural differences.' says General Manager John Tønnes.

As part of the integration between Danish and Norwegian cinemas an analysis of cinema operations in both countries has been launched to identify best practice in both countries. The analysis will probe all aspects of the cinema business, including investment policy and plans, technology choices, internal procedures and processes, guest services, 'good hospitality', employee development and sales concepts. The aim is to raise the bar and introduce best practice and target management in both countries.

New owner – same workday

After the acquisition of Oslo Kino the 300 Norwegian employees have noticed little difference in their work days under the new ownership. The Norwegian cinemas are still run locally, with a strong Oslo-based Norwegian management and highly qualified local cinema managers in each cinema. The range of films is still decided in Norway.

The primary changes resulting from the acquisition are at the executive level. In August 2013 a joint Nordic management team were established. The overall purpose of the new management team is to safeguard and develop all aspects of the cinema business, with focus on guests, customers and the market in general. The cinemas must work together effectively and closely across the cinema organisation and suitably in line with Nordisk Film and Egmont. 'As a secondary target we have focused on providing a good organisational platform for efficient operations, driving fast technological and systems development, setting clear priorities for growth opportunities in both countries and increasing mobility and dynamism within the organisation,' Tønnes explains.