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Record result for web newspaper Nettavisen

Norwegian web newspaper Nettavisen, which is owned by Egmont and Amedia, has achieved its best result ever.

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In Norway, Nettavisen, which is an exclusively internet-based newspaper, came out of 2012 with a profit of 8.5 million Norwegian Kroner before taxes. The turnover was approximately 85 million NOK and even though the exact numbers are not ready yet, it is already clear that this is the best result ever for Nettavisen.

"It is the best result in our history. I think that it is really well done to manage getting Nettavisen to work so well without any financial support privileges. As such, it is really an achievement that we manage to make a profitable business", states Nettavisen's responsible editor and daily leader, Gunnar Stavrum, to journalisten.no.

Gunnar Stavrum primarily attributes the development in 2012 to keeping expenses under control along with growth in the advertisement income:

"Expenses did increase but we kept them under control. And the advertisers will come when they experience that the product is qualitatively getting better. In that way we get a premium effect. It loosens up, so to speak", says Stavrum to journalisten.no. He himself has also given up his company car and taken a cut in his paycheck to contribute to the adjustments at Nettavisen.

Two thirds of Nettavisen's income is generated by advertisement sales while the rest comes from various commercial activities. Among other things, the news site is also Norway's largest provider of state-sanctioned gaming.