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Petzi opens restaurant

Last year, Egmont acquired the rights to the Danish cartoon character Petzi. Since joining the Egmont family, the little bear has expanded its universe.

Last week, the first of many Petzi Restaurants opened in the Danish city of Århus. With the heading "Egmont puts Petzi in international top position," the leading Danish business newspaper Børsen writes about Egmont Serieforlaget's ambitious plans for the Petzi universe.

The characters, originally created in 1952, need to be revitalized through licensing agreement, so that children can meet the little bear on a series of new platforms that are not exactly Egmont's traditional core market - such as organic biscuits, rubber boots, lunch boxes and wallpaper for the children's room.

At first Egmont will focus on Denmark and the Nordic countries and following, the concept might be rolled out one step at a time in other markets where Petzi already exists.

One restaurant is only the beginning
"One of the first indications of what Petzi will bring us in the future is the new family restaurant in Århus," says Licensing Manager Michael Benzon from Egmont Serieforlaget. He is responsible for developing the Petzi licenses.

The growth rates on Petzi are supposed to double within the next year and grow with 50 pct. each year during the following two years. The plans follow Egmont's strategy to use existing content on multiple platforms.

The restaurant is opened by entrepreneur Marianne Hald, who has developed a full-blooded franchise concept based on Petzi's favourite dish - the pancake. The restaurant is also a display window created to attract other business partners who are interested in investing in restaurants on a franchise basis.

"I believe that the Petzi Family Restaurant concept can be rolled out to all major cities in Denmark," says Marianne Hald, who has acquired the rights to develop the franchise in more than 23 countries where the Petzi books are published.