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Over a million watched Angelina Jordan win

Friday night, 1.033 million viewers watched Angelina Jordan win the Norwegian talent show Norske talenter. This is a large increase since last season.

  • Photo by Robert Dreier Holand

    Photo by Robert Dreier Holand

This year's season of Norske Talenter has been a great success for TV 2 Norway. An average of 733.000 viewers watched the final, and 1.033 million viewers watched when Angelina Jordan was named the winner.

"We have had some really great participants and both the jury, host and crew has boosted this years season of Norske Talenter. We got a worthy winner with an amazing voice that touched viewers out of the ordinary," says TV 2's Program Director Jarle Nakken.

The previous season of Norske Talenter was seen by an average of 545.000 (share 32,8), while the final in 2012 had 562.000 viewers (share 37,2). This year's season has been a great success with an average of 644.000 viewers (share 39,7).

"Compared to last year the audience ratings have increased strongly, and it tells me how well this program appeals to our viewers. It's amazing that more than a million watched Angelina when she won. A star is born," says TV 2's Head of Communications, Jan-Petter Dahl.

Eight-year-old Angelina Jordan won with 46% of the votes and she is so far the youngest winner of the talent show. Tears were streaming down her face when host, Solveig Kloppen, interviewed her.

"Thanks to all who have voted for me and thank you so much grandma".

Throughout the season Angelina Jordan's big voice has generated media publicity – particularly her performance of "Gloomy Sunday", which has been seen by more than 7 million on YouTube.