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Norwegian staking on the internet

Klikk.no gathers all the best from a number of magazines in order to create a new, strong website filled with stuff for the consumer as well as news value

By launching klikk.no Egmont's Norwegian magazine publisher Hjemmet Mortensen is staking on getting maximum out of a wide variety of content areas such as living, health, co-existing and technology.
The idea with klikk.no is to explore the collaboration across magazine titles, in contrast to the printed media where the different areas are being covered by different editorial departments.

"It is a new way of thinking for us," explains the manager for Hjemmet Mortensen Interaktiv, Espen Agdestein.
"The individual editor must work according to a corporate strategy and not according to their own editorial plan. Everybody working within Hjemmet Mortensen will be working with klikk.no," explains Espen about the concept behind klikk.no.

Hjemmet Mortensen is Norways largest publisher of weeklies and magazines and had a turnover in 2007 of more than 205 mio. €.

In June 2008 Egmont acquired Orkla's 40 % sharehold of Hjemmet Mortensen for around 115 mio. €. Egmont hereby became the sole owner of Hjemmet Mortensen.