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Norwegian comics increase readership

High on the list of this year's big readership winners we find three well-known and well-loved comic characters. We are happy to see readership growth for both Nemi, Billy and Pondus.

  • The Nemi comic

    The Nemi comic

Press release (Egmont Kids Media Norway): Norwegians are very keen on humor in comic form and it comes as no surprise that some of the strongest, best, and most professional comics in Norway consolidate their position – and even improve it.

”It is extremely nice not least because it is so well-deserved! If we start working hard in 2014 it is not impossible to increase these numbers even further,” says Pondus editor Tormod Løkling.

The Pondus readership rises 10% and the magazine is published monthly.

Nemi sees the greatest increase with an impressive 16%. The magazine is published monthly.

”It’s great fun that the Nemi readership increases so much – our goal is to have as many as possible collapse with laughter!” says editor Iselin Røsjø Evensen. – Vi made a good deal of changes to the Nemi magazine in 2013 and it is great to see how solid servings of comic humour and hard work actually does the trick.                 

Billy sees an increase of 12% and is published 26 times a year.

”It’s impressive for a humour magazine that has been on the market for more than 40 years. The readership numbers show that we have managed to renew this classic title continuously and that the readers are laughing out loud,” said editor-in-chief Kjetil Johnsen.

Egmont Kids Media is a clear market leader in comics with 96% of the market. We publish the best comics in Norway every month and bring joy to thousands of Norwegians! 

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