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Norwegian MANN races ahead

MANN revised its editorial profile in August of last year. This change was initially met by considerable scepticism. Now, however, MANN has put all doomsday predictions to shame and has increased both circulation and exposure. No less than 14% more Norwegians bought MANN last year and the readership increased by 21%!

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“When the front page woman was replaced by famous men it did not go unnoticed. Many expressed their scepticism but we’ve proven them wrong. We show men with style and our front pages have attracted plenty of attention since August of last year. Aksel Lund Svindal was the first and subsequently several stylish and interesting men have dominated the cover. We place great emphasis on our visual expression as an addition to our content which has been awarded several times,” says editor Knut Christian Moeng who has managed to develop a magazine that stands out from the competition and is now growing quickly. 

Moeng finds the continuous product development to be crucial and enjoys having the readers as part of the team.

“'Best on style' is MANN’s new motto and our ambition is to become the only alternative for the clothes-conscious Norwegian. But that’s not enough. Good news reports, interesting documentaries, inspiring travelling material and exciting portraits will produce a magazine, which radiates quality. The readers want more focus on economics, fitness and food. And of course they’ll get it, says the editor who himself radiates optimism.

MANN is published 11 times a year and currently has a verified circulation of 13.079.

For further info:

Editor Knut Christian Moeng, mobile: +46 977 20 112