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Nordisk Film sells TV company to international player Banijay Entertainment

Nordisk Film, owned by Egmont, has sold their TV company, Nordisk Film TV, to Banijay Entertainment.

It happens as a result of the positive development in Nordisk Film TV, the Nordic and global consolidation in the TV industry, and an ambition to develop a global TV business. Consequently, Nordisk Film could either make new acquisitions itself or sell the TV company.

Nordisk Film estimates that Nordisk Film TV can best maximize its international potential under the wings of an internationally based company with TV production and a global market as its core focus. French-owned Banijay Entertainment has those characteristics and has made an attractive offer.

With this sale, Nordisk Film wants to continue building its activities within film production and distribution of film, music and PlayStation-products throughout the Nordic countries.

Nordisk Film TV produces 1500 hrs of TV in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland every year. The company employs on average 300 people, including project employees. In 2008, Nordisk Film TV's turnover more than EUR 53 million, which amounts to about 10% of Nordisk Film's total turnover.

Since its foundation in January 2008 the company has acquired leading TV companies in France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Britain and the US. Now including Nordisk Film TV, which is among the biggest Nordic TV producers. The goal of Banijay Entertainment is to become a global brand in content creation and distribution for television and the new multimedia vehicles.

Nordisk Film TV continues under the same Nordic management, headed by Jacob Houlind and Peter Hansen, and its core focus areas remain entertainment, factual, and TV drama as well as AFP (advertiser funded programming) and branded content. Likewise, Nordisk Film TV World continues as leading distributor of in-house and externally developed formats and finished programs to the rest of the world.

Nordisk Film TV continues its activities in close cooperation with Nordisk Film. Also, the company expects to reside on the same locations and has the possibility of using the Nordisk Film TV name for a number of years.

Nordisk Film TV in Denmark, Sweden and Norway are all part of the change in ownership, as well as Danish comedy company Respirator Media & Development and Finnish entertainment company Solar Television with regard to Nordisk Film TV's shares in these companies.

Allan Hansen, CEO, Nordisk Film A/S: "In the past couple of years, we have built up a strong TV company, which has the potential to move out even further in the world. We had the choice between sending the company out to make itself, or to sell the company and take home the assets, we have accumulated. It is our belief, that the company is best developed under the ownership of an internationally established company with TV production as their core activity. Nordisk Film TV is a major player in the market and consequently, we have experienced a great interest from buyers. We are happy to have found the right buyer in Banijay Entertainment, who also made an attractive offer. With this sale, Nordisk Film wants to continue building its activities within film production and distribution of film, music and PlayStation-products throughout the Nordic countries."

Jacob Houlind, CEO, Nordisk Film TV A/S: "Nordisk Film TV's long-term ambition is to become market leader in the Nordic countries through our creativity as well as maintaining and expanding the export of strong, Nordic ideas through Nordisk Film TV World. We have come a long way in the right direction, but at the same time, we are convinced that this change is for the benefit of our existing TV position. Banijay Entertainment and Nordisk Film TV are a really good match. We have prioritized a buyer, who is an entrepreneur, rather than an already established 'giant'. A buyer with who we can continue our global and creative ambitions without forgetting our Nordic roots."

Guillaume de Vergès, CEO of Banijay: "This acquisition is a big move for Banijay's international development. Nordisk Film TV's talent for developing and producing succesful new formats is a great asset in realizing Banijay's ambition to be among the leading players in the global TV market."

The parties in the sales agreement have decided not to publish the price of the acquisition.

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