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Nordisk Film behind three Oscar candidates

Three of the Nordic Oscar candidates for the Best Foreign Language Oscar have been created by Nordisk Film companies. Kon-Tiki in Norway, Purge in Finland and A Royal Affair in Denmark.

"It's a very unique situation, to be behind three Oscar candidates in the same year. We have stated that we wish to create Scandinavian films, with the potential to cross national borders. The three nominations prove to us that we have achieved a fantastic success - both artistically and commercially in 2012," says CEO of Nordisk Film Allan Hansen.

Nordisk Film Production has produced Kon-Tiki. Solar Film, of which Nordisk Film is the majority owner, has produced Purge. And the partly owned, Zentropa, has produced A Royal Affair.

In Norway, Kon-Tiki has sold more than 700,000 cinema tickets since its opening on August 24th. A Royal Affair in Denmark has sold approximately half a million tickets, while Purge has sold more than 100,000 tickets in Finland since September 7th. All three films will be released in several international cinema markets.

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