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Nordisk Film Interactive is ready for the PlayStation 4

Sony has now announced the video game console PlayStation 4, which will give fans worldwide a whole new gaming experience. Nordisk Film Interactive is ready to handle sales.

  • PlayStation 4 announced

    PlayStation 4 announced

  • DualShock 4. Copyright 2013 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

    DualShock 4. Copyright 2013 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

  • Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Killzone: Shadow Fall

At midnight of Thursday, February 21 (UK time), Sony Computer Entertainment announced its new Playstation 4 video game console. PS4 will, among other things, feature new social capabilities, cloud-technology and more powerful graphics than its predecessor, the PlayStation 3. Nordisk Film Interactive, which is the official distributor of PlayStation in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States, is ready to handle sales.

"We are extremely excited to announce that we will be launching PlayStation 4 and we firmly believe that it is a true next generation computer entertainment system. It will offer incredible new ways to play the very best games, taking full advantage of its powerful graphics and speed. When combined with the deep social capabilities that will bring gamers together in new ways, we are confident that it will amaze and excite anyone looking for the next generation of entertainment experiences," states Marius Steen, Nordic PR Manager, Nordisk Film.

PlayStation 4 was announced at a big event in New York and even though the console itself has not yet been revealed, there was plenty of treats for the many fans who have been waiting impatiently. The new controller, DualShock 4, was presented, as was material from Killzone: Shadow Fall, which will be one the first games available for PS4 (see pictures in the gallery above).

PlayStation 4 will be in stores at the end of 2013. You may find more information regarding the PS4 here.