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Nordisk Film Award to Film Director Daniel Dencik

Yesterday, the biggest talent award in the Danish film- and TV industry was awarded to the film director Daniel Dencik, who along with the honor received 108.000 DKK

  • Photo: Kristian Septimus Krogh

    Photo: Kristian Septimus Krogh

Lars von Trier received it. Christoffer Boe received it. Jørgen Leth received it. Anders Thomas Jensen received it. And now, the film director Daniel Dencik joins the ranks of talents who have been awarded the prestigious Nordisk Film Award.

The prize was awarded for the 18th time at the opening of the film festival CPH PIX on Wednesday April 2nd. In the past four years it has focused more on young, emerging talents rather than established names, and that is exactly what Daniel Dencik is, says producer and Chairman of the prize committee, Thomas Heinesen, who presented the award.

- In a time where Danish film in the midst of a rapid development, which exerts considerable pressure on the budget to be bold and original, we need talents who refuse to stop at limitations and insists on making ​​that movie – now! The jury believes that Daniel is exactly the insisting and highly artistically gifted inspiration, the industry and Denmark need right now, Thomas Heinesen said among other things in the motivating speech.

The Nordisk Film Award is presented once a year by the Nordisk Film Foundation. Besides the honor, the prize comes with an amount of money equivalent to Nordisk Film’s age times DKK 1000 - this year it summed up to 108.000 DKK.


Previous winners:

  • 1996: Film directors Lars von Trier and Ole Bornedal
  • 1997: Film director Lotte Svendsen
  • 1998: Producer Birgitte Hald
  • 1999: Film director Søren Kragh-Jacobsen
  • 2000: Film director Erik Clausen
  • 2001: Film director Christoffer Boe
  • 2002: Scriptwriter Mogens Rukov
  • 2003: Scriptwriters Peter og Stig Thorsboe
  • 2004: Film director Jørgen Leth
  • 2005: Scriptwriter og film director Anders Thomas Jensen
  • 2006: Cartoonist, writer and film director Anders Morgenthaler
  • 2007: Director Peter Schønau Fog
  • 2008: Director Henrik Ruben Genz
  • 2009: The prize wasn’t awarded
  • 2010: Film director Michael Noer and film director og scriptwriter Tobias Lindholm
  • 2011: Scriptwriter Anders F. August
  • 2012: Film director Omar Shargawi
  • 2013: Film director Kaspar Munk