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New head of Egmont Serieforlaget AS in Norway

Jannicke Haugen Apelgren is appointed new head of Egmont Serieforlaget AS in Norway.

  • Jannicke Haugen Apelgren

    Jannicke Haugen Apelgren

Since Tommy Melle's decision to retire from January 1 2009, there has been a process to find a new managing director of Egmont Serieforlaget AS in Norway who can lead the company into the future.

Jannicke Haugen Apelgren (41) is experienced in publishing, is open to new media and has knowledge of digital publishing. Jannicke Haugen Apelgren has worked for Egmont Serieforlaget AS since 1994, with a career history of moving from product manager, to marketing manager, to publishing director and now to the position of MD.

"I believe that Jannicke Haugen Apelgren is the right candidate to develop and implement a plan for the future which signals change and aims to transform Egmont Serieforlaget AS into a modern media house. Jannicke Haugen Apelgren will be a team member in the divisional management of the new merged division between Egmont Kids & Teens and Egmont International, and will have my full trust and support", says Frank Knau, president of Egmont International and from January 1 also president of Egmont Kids & Teens.

Egmont Serieforlaget AS faces challenges due to new consumer behaviour and it is moving towards becoming a media house with a range of products and services adapted to the rapidly changing demands from kids, teens and playful grown-ups.

"I appreciate the trust I am given, and I am looking forward very much to further develop the company in collaboration with the employees of Egmont Serieforlaget AS. I am convinced we will be able to meet the future with a strong market oriented and skilled organization. I also look forward to be part of Franks divisional team, to exchanging experiences with other managing directors in Egmont and to contributing with my knowledge of the Nordic region", says Jannicke Haugen Apelgren.

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