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New Swedish gaming magazine for and by children

Egmont Kids Media Nordic has just launched Zapp - a brand new magazine for children in Sweden who love video games, whether it is on PC, iPad or PlayStation. The magazine is produced in collaboration with an expert panel consisting of children with an interest in games.

  • Zapp magazine

    Zapp magazine

Zapp is the name of the brand new games magazine for children of age 7-13 years.

Rather than focusing on one specific platform, Zapp writes about console and PC games as well as simpler app games on tablets – as long as there is a good story to tell.

"We discovered that children interested in gaming needed a magazine that does not differ between app games and spectacular console games. At Zapp we listen to the reader's needs and interests and adjust the magazine accordingly. We look into what you think is exciting when you are between 7 and 13 years old. Zapp is furthermore a magazine for both girls and boys who like to play video games," states Chief Editor, Olle Agebro.

The magazine will consist of news and reviews of recent games supplemented with input from the children expert panel to modify the content. For the first time in the history of gaming magazines, the readers will play an active part in the production of the magazine content: Children can write reviews, provide tips for their favorite games and send in drawings and pictures.

The articles will be written by some of the best journalists on the topic. Chief Editor Olle Agebro has been writing about games for the last 10 years in different magazines and on large gaming sites in Sweden.

The first issue of Zapp is out April 17th all over Sweden. Egmont Kids Media Nordic will publish 6 issues a year.