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Nettavisen breaks records for third year in a row

Egmont’s Norwegian online newspaper Nettavisen is showing record-breaking results for the third year in a row 

Egmont-owned Nettavisen has presented an annual result of 14 mio. NOK in 2013 and a 40 pct. revenue increase. That makes it the third year in a row of record-breaking results. 

Nettavisen is solely an online paper, and part of the success comes from their acquisition of Blogg.no and an ambition to create a ”Norwegian Huffington Post”. 

When Egmont and Amedia acquired Nettavisen in 2009, it was with an 88 mio. NOK deficit from 2008, but since then, with editor-in-chief Gunnar Stavrum in front, Nettavisen has successfully turned deficit into profit and has become a great online business.

Today, two thirds of Nettavisens income is generated by advertisements while the last third is generated by various commercial activities.