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Monster High comics come alive on iPad

The popular Monster High universe comes alive in a new app from Egmont Kids Media where the reader makes the stories unfold with sound effects and lively animations.

In Monster High, the new app from Egmont Kids Media, the classic comic format has been renewed and the result is almost frighteningly lifelike. In traditional comics the pages are divided into smaller parts whereas the stories in Monster High are told in single pictures that fill the entire screen. The reader controls the action by tapping the interactive drawings that respond with movement and sound effects.

"I really think that we have taken the reading experience to a new level with the unique combinations of stories, interactivity and the possibility to create content. It is important for us to be a part of the development of the comic format and the new Monster High app illustrates this in a very good way," says Christina Gustafson, Marketing Manager, Egmont Kids Media Nordic.

Besides the stories where you can follow the lives of the popular monsters, the app is full of loads of other exciting content. For instance you can create your own monstrous postcards and pins, which are gathered in a personal library that you can share with your friends.

Monster High is free to download and comes with the option of purchasing additional content. The app is out now for iPad in the UK and all of Scandinavia along with a range of other European countries.

Download Monster High.