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Meet Donald Duck, your science teacher

Throughout the year, six editions of the Scandinavian Donald Duck magazine will focus on the natural sciences. The first issue is out on March 7th and the theme is math.

  • Copyright Disney

    Copyright Disney

  • Donald Duck and the Monty Hall Problem - Copyright Disney

    Donald Duck and the Monty Hall Problem - Copyright Disney

Education and entertainment blend together when Donald Duck no. 10, 2013 is out in Scandinavia this week. The magazine concentrates on math and is the first in a line of six themed issues to focus on topics related to natural science. The project is Scandinavian, and to create the first issue the people behind the magazines in Denmark and Sweden have worked together with organizations who provide free-of-charge math aid to children.

In the latest issue of Donald Duck, the story The probability machine is part of the theme. In the story we follow Donald as he tries to decide whether he should eat cake at Daisy's house first or at Grandma Duck's. Donald receives unexpected help from Gyro Gearloose who has invented a probability machine, but not everything turns out as planned. The readers will also be introduced to the famous "Monty Hall Problem" – a math puzzle presented in the familiar universe of Duckburg. And in fact, comics are a great place to incorporate education:

"The comic format actually lends itself very nicely to be combined with learning, and when you include the world's funniest duck you end up with a fantastic combination. With this venture we above all hope that through a fun and different approach we will be able to contribute to our younger readers' desire to learn more about math and natural science", says Jonas Lidheimer, project lead for Donald Duck at Egmont Kids Media Nordic.

Donald Duck nr. 10, which concentrates on math, will be in Scandinavian stores in week 10. The other natural science theme issues in 2013 will be:

  • Nr. 17 – Natural phenomena
  • Nr. 24 – Biology
  • Nr. 32 – Astronomy
  • Nr. 37 – Physics
  • Nr. 41 – Chemistry