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MANN is Magazine of the Year

A small, dedicated and competent editorial office was acknowledged when Norway's best magazine was awarded at the Annual Media Awards. The award went to MANN, a men’s magazine published by Egmont Hjemmet Mortensen. 

This week, Norwegian publisher Egmont Hjemmet Mortensen's magazine MANN ran off with the title as Best Magazine, one of the main awards given out by the Norwegian Media Business Association at the Annual Media Awards in Bergen. 

- This is huge for us. Magazine of the Year is a very prestigious prize. It’s the closest the Norwegian media get to an Oscar, editor-in-chief at MANN, Knut Christian Moeng says while stressing that the competition is very high. 

- Therefore we are a very happy editorial office now increasingly taking forward our evidence that Norway's best magazine is MANN. 

Changes are acknowledged

Roughly a year ago, Knut Christian Moeng initiated several changes related to MANN’s editorial profile.

- We have become more like our Danish ”brother” Euroman. For instance we used to have renowned Norwegian women on the cover. Now we instead made room for the most exciting Norwegian men we could find. Norway's top sports stars and most prolific actors and presenters have all agreed to be portrayed in the new MANN. We have also focused far more on fashion, food, travel and training, which has led to an increase in circulation, readership and advertising. Although there were many skeptics, we have proved that the Norwegian man was ready for a magazine like ours. 

Along with the award these changes were acknowledged by the jury who said about MANN:

- 2013 was a year of bold choices, clear design concepts and development of magazine journalism. Brave covers make the magazine stand firm and stand out magazine stands. In a declining magazine market they have excelled with growth in circulation and readership. That is impressive. A small editorial office’s willingness and ability to turn upside down the product and focus on what they believe in makes MANN the Best Magazine! 

And it is a small, but very dedicated editorial office at MANN.

- We are a group of only four people, and everyone has put an extraordinary effort into the changes made at MANN. Therefore we are extremely happy with this award.  

The award will also have an enormous effect market-wise, Knut Christian Moeng assesses. 

- It is the total press of Norway that has awarded us with this. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

About the Norwegian Annual Media Awards

Best Magazine was one of the main awards at the Norwegian Annual Media Awards held in Bergen on May 7-9 during the Nordic Media Days. In total, 35 magazines and weeklies were nominated in seven categories. It is the Norwegian Media Business Association who invites all Norwegian newspapers, magazines and weeklies, online newspapers and web TV as well as local TV stations to participate in the competition. 

Egmont Publishing had 19 nominations in seven categories and won three of them:

Magazine of the Year: MANN
Cover of the Year: Det Nye, October 2013
Best Inspirational Feature: ELLE Decoration with " Fliser til velvære”

In addition, an Excellence-award was given out to Bonytt for the inspirational feature: ”Blonde gulv”