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Lindhardt og Ringhof on newly launched Danish book streaming service

A new streaming service lets Danes pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to a catalogue of thousands of books. Many of them provided by Egmont publisher Lindhardt og Ringhof.

  • Mofibo


Following a venture of 2012 into library streaming culminating with the launch of their own streaming service ebib.dk a few months ago, Egmont's Danish book publisher Lindhardt og Ringhof is now participating in a fully commercial attempt at selling e-books as a streaming service. The concept is similar to the already popular streaming services for film and music.

With more than 5.500 titles on the shelves and a monthly price tag of 99 DKK for unlimited access, Danish start-up Mofibo plans to introduce e-book streaming to the Danes. On top of that the service lets you share reading lists with your friends.

"We have come a long way in terms of paving the way for digital reading in Denmark. Cooperating with Mofibo is a natural next step for Lindhardt og Ringhof in growing a commercially viable digital book market," says Cliff Hansen, Business Development Director in Lindhardt og Ringhof.

Mofibo launched in Denmark on July 2nd and content on the service ranges from such diverse titles as Leif Davidsen's bestselling crime novels to Egmont publisher Carlsen's books for children.