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Lindhardt og Ringhof is the first Danish publishing house on iBooks

Until last week, Charles Dickens, Émile Zola and Jane Austen were the most up to date authors on the Danish iBook store. Lindhardt og Ringhof now launches most of their titles on iBooks offering contemporary books for the Danes.

Apple opened the iBook store in Denmark in May 2010, but only with free classics from Project Gutenberg. Lindhardt og Ringhof now opens up the Danish iBooks with contemporary content making most of their titles available.

This meets a long aired demand for Danish content among the one million Danish users with an iPad or iPhone.

Lindhardt og Ringhof is the first Danish publishing house to publish content on iBooks in Denmark. Among the new titles are Benn Q Holm's 'Byen og Øen' and Karl Ove Knausgaards 'Min Kamp 4'. The new books will cost 149 DKK while older books cost 80 DKK. Many e-books for young adults and children cost 50 DKK.

Besides ordinary books, Lindhardt og Ringhof introduces children's books and cookbooks optimized for the new Enhanced Book format that allows for gorgeous full-page illustrations, movies and audio. From the launch, 80 titles will be optimized for this new format - with more to come.

Lindhardt og Ringhof's e-books will as always also be available through the many Danish online retailers such as Saxo.com and Riidr. With this new initiative, Lindhardt og Ringhof meets the emerging demand for ebooks and help in educating the Danish market in using ebooks.

Further info:
Lasse Korsemann Horne
Editor, L&R Digital
Phone: +45 25 79 53 17
E-mail: lasse.horne@lindhardtogringhof.dk

Cliff Hansen
Head of business development
Phone: +45 36 15 67 10
E-mail: cliff.hansen@lindhardtogringhof.dk