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Lindhardt & Ringhof sells book clubs

With the sale, CEO Lars Boesgaard has put an end to the organizational change, aimed at securing the future of the publishing house.

Lindhardt & Ringhof has signed an agreement to transfer the book clubs Bogklubben 12 Bøger, Bogsamleren, Romanbogklubben, Bogklubben Rasmus and Guldklumpen to Gyldendal on October 15. The assignment is part of the publisher´s plan to focus on core business.

"It's essential for us to return to an editorial-driven publishing house with all attention directed toward our writers, the development of good books and our many digital initiatives, which are going to sustain us in the future. Our book clubs now have a size where we do not see a long term perspective in taking them further. With the sale we have put an end to the major organizational changes, announced by the new management announced in the spring. We now have the team to manage the publishing house," says Lindhardt & Ringhofs CEO Lars Boesgaard.

The 14 staff members affiliated with the book clubs are included in the transfer.

"The sale is no great surprise to the employees. When the new leadership took over in the spring, they made it clear, that we did not see a future for the book clubs with Lindhardt & Ringhof", says Lars Boesgaard.