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Klikk.no surveys mobile users as numbers keep climbing

The mobile version of Klikk.no is always at hand. And a growing number of users appreciate the convenience.

In the first quarter of 2014 35% of the traffic on Klikk.no was from phones and 55% was from touch-based devices. To fully understand this important business area, the website recently conducted a survey pinpointing user preferences and usage context.

The results were clear. Klikk is used from home, on the job, in school, during transport and while travelling. But Klikk also comes along for shopping as 64% note that they’ve used the site in stores. As motivation for visiting the site, respondents mention the desire to stay updated, be inspired, entertainment and passing the time as the most important drivers. But shopping information, recipes and participation in forums is also mentioned as factors.

Ads on Klikk Mobile gain plenty of attention. 69% of users state that they’ve clicked an ad on m.klikk.no

Klikk Mobile enjoys relatively long visits. The average session lasts five minutes. Notably, there is very little overlap between mobile and desktop as only 12% of mobile users also use the desktop version. Besides direct traffic, the largest traffic drivers to the site are Google and Facebook.