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King Magazine launches fashion web shop

Readers of the Swedish magazine King can now shop handpicked fashion garments on the magazine's newly released web-shop.

  • Chief editor Per Nilsson

    Chief editor Per Nilsson

Following increased readership on the online part of King Magazine, the Swedish fashion experts have now launched a web shop.

"We have always wanted to guide our readers the best products in the easiest way. We know that our readers trust us when it comes to fashion tips, so the concept is to handpick outfits each month and put together garments that match, which we then offer on our web shop," says King's Editor-in-Chief, Per Nilsson.

Single-copy readers and visitors on kingmagazine.se get a 10 per cent discount on the web shop while subscribers get 15 per cent off. The goal is to both please current customers and attract new subscribers.

Collaboration with experienced web shop

King's main competences is of course magazine production and fashion knowledge, and they have teamed up with which is the first Swedish fashion web shop focusing only on men's fashion.

"We bring our fashion knowledge and Fashionisland bring the knowledge of running a web shop. They match our profile and with our many readers, we are an attractive partner for them," says Per Nilsson.

Web activities in focus

Currently, the talk of the town is digital business models and how to collect digital revenue. King Magazine's web shop venture is only part of King's online strategy.

"Our web shop is the second part of our online venture. A month ago, we launched a new concept called King Style Guide where we partner with the Swedish fashion chain Brothers in making short video guides that explain how to tie a bow tie and other things related to dressing. We think online initiatives like these could be one way of dealing with the digital challenges," says Per Nilsson.

Never leave your core values behind

With only four days since the launch, it is still too early to talk about the prospects of the web shop, but Per Nilsson has some advice for other magazines that may contemplate starting a web shop.

"My advice for others is to take a lot of time to consider how to do it. Don't rush into things. We spent some time getting the right deal and finding the right partner. But most importantly, don't leave your core values behind and remember to always have the customers and readers in mind. You want your web shop to be in continuation with the magazine's identity."

Have a peek at King's web shop here​.