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Kärnan launches new magazine about celebrities

In collaboration with the Swedish online celeb magazine, Posh24, Egmont Kärnan launches a print magazine with news and gossip about local and worldwide stars.

Pictures of actresses, singers and other famous people on red carpets, the newest rumors about the Twilight cast and stories about Hollywood could be the headliners when the first edition of the new magazine Posh24 is released on the 21 of September. The magazine directs to young women from 15 years and up and is planned to be published every second week.

The collaborator www.posh24.se has already got the position as the largest site about celebrities in Sweden with a target group consisting of 96 percent girls with an average age of 23.

That is exactly why it is obvious for Egmont Kärnan to engage this collaboration, and the two partners are the perfect match to create this product. Posh24.se has the trademark, the readers and the content, and Egmont Kärnan has got the experience and skills to create a magazine. Egmont Kärnans costumers have wanted a magazine with 100 percent celebrity content, and now the business has found the solution.

Posh24.se is already known by our target group and with this arrangement we can offer the advertisers a complete package containing both print and web right from the start,” says Linda Nehlstedt, Business Area Manager in the magazine division in Egmont Kärnan, to Dagens Media.

The founder of posh24.se, Christofer Båge, is pleased with the collaboration as well:

We publish so much content at the internet and it is stupid not to publish it print also. Working with a publishing house like Egmont Kärnan and the economics of scale they have got, makes this an exciting journey.”

It is the thought that the Posh24 magazine will consist of some of the material from the website, but it will also contain unique content with theme articles, voting and news to avoid only publishing “old news”.

The content in the magazine has the risk of getting old because we have planned it to be publish every second week.