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International students win Egmont challenge

A group of international students won the ComCaseCompetition, the annual competition for communication students at Copenhagen Business School. Egmont was the topic of the case and is very impressed with the creativity of the 50 participants.

  • The ComCaseCompetition winners express well-earned enthusiasm

    The ComCaseCompetition winners express well-earned enthusiasm

Despite 24 hours of intense mental labour and an acute lack of sleep, the winners of ComCaseCompetition '14 still had the energy to let out a resounding roar of victory.

The winning team, consisting of Michele De Rosso, Federico Angelo Triolo, Piotr Kuich og Hristos Fleturis, four exchange students from the University of Southern Denmark, came up with the best suggestion for how Egmont can brand itself in the digital world.

Briefly, they won with an idea for how people can donate printed books to libraries and schools and receive a voucher for digital content in return. Thus, Egmont's tradition for charity is combined with the desire to strengthen the digital brand.

Says Line Aarsland, Vice President Corporate Communications & Public Affairs:

"It has been fantastic to be the center of attention from gifted students and their critical questions for more than 24 hours - and to see it result in great, out-of-the-box ideas. We're taking home a pool of really fine ideas. The winning concept beautifully combines our history and charitable focus as well as the development from print to digital and creates engagement and interaction. We can't wait to work with the idea."

ComCaseCompetition '14 was arranged by The Danish Association of Communication Professionals, Young Communicators, and Copenhagen Business School in collaboration with Egmont. The goal is to bridge the worlds of education and business, prepare the students for their professional careers and to highlight their competencies for future employers.

Hand-out of the competition material


A group brainstorm

Comcase gruppe

Concept hand-in