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Hjemmet Mortensen is still largest magazine publisher in Norway

In spite of a lower magazine circulation in Norway, Hjemmet Mortensen is still owner of the biggest share of the Norwegian magazine market in 2009.

If any, the publishing business has felt the effects of the financial crisis, and almost every publishing company has felt the advertisers and customers' tendencies of saving money. Nevertheless the Norwegian publishing company Hjemmet Mortensen has managed to strengthen its position as market leader in the Norwegian magazine market.

As publisher of 45 percent of all magazines in Norway, Hjemmet Mortensen is the dominant publisher in women's-, interior- and family magazines. This is in spite of a total market reduction of five percent.

To Kampanje.no CEO Anne Britt Berentsen says that there are reasons to be happy:
"We are very satisfied with the direction in 2009. Not only that the reduction has been only five percent – I believe we have reasons to be satisfied. 2009 was an extraordinary year, and we must be very proud of the results we have achieved. We now have a platform that makes us more prepared for the future."

The good results are, according to Anne Britt Berentsen, due to innovation:
"Continual renewal and product development is the success criteria's for modern magazines. The biggest prosperity among our woman's magazines is to be found in the 'DET NYE Shape-Up', which has increased a growth in editions of 18 percent. This is the result of a determined product development and a stake with two new magazines 'DET NYE Shape-Up' and DET 'NYE Make-Up'", says CEO Anne Britt Berentsen.

Also woman's magazine 'Elle' has increased its numbers of editions by nine percent, while the interior decorating magazines 'Elle Interiør' and 'Rom 123' increased their numbers by respectively 5,7 and 4,2 percent.

Additionally a large number of the publishing company's other magazines have made better numbers than their rivals. The grand old lady of Hjemmet Mortensen, the weekly magazine 'Hjemmet', is not only the second most read weekly magazine, but is also the absolute number one in the family magazine market.

With a weekly edition of 185.000 copies, 'Hjemmet' decreases in edition, but still has a lower downturn than the total market. On the whole Hjemmet Mortensen has managed to strengthen its position on the market during the recession, and is generally better placed on the total market than competitors.