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Handball triumph with ground breaking technology

During the European handball championship TV 2 Sumo has tested a new, ground breaking technology, which gives the viewer a substantially improved experience. It is the same technology used by several, large television stations during the winter Olympics in Vancouver.

TV 2 Sumo, TV 2's Norwegian internet channel, has broken all records during the European handball championships. The viewers have in far greater numbers than ever before used web-television to follow the games.

"One of the reasons is a better quality of the programmes," says head of TV 2 Sumo, Helge Høibraaten.

Revolutionizing technology
For a year TV 2 has worked together with Microsoft in order to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the new Silverlight smooth streaming-technology.

"As a result we can more than double the quality of our transfers and send games in HD without the risk of fall-outs at the end users in case of many online users at the same time," says Høibraaten.

The new technology also makes it possible to mark important events during the game, which helps when you search for them later on.

"The technology is new, but we are working closely together the developers in Seattle, which means we can launch the functionality early on and gain experience useful both to us and Microsoft. Recently the player, which NBC will use during the Olympic Games, was enhanced due to our help. The player is the basis for TV 2 Sumo," says Høibraaten.

New subscription record
Helge Høibraaten adds that the feedback from the audience has been overwhelmingly positive.
"The first time we aired football in smooth streaming and HD, the live chat at the game centre literally exploded."

According to Høibraaten, there is an obvious connection between the technical quality of the programmes and the number of viewers: "We observe that the viewers are interested in the best possible web-television, and more join every day. Never before have we had so many sports subscribers this time of year."

Using smooth streaming the Sumo services are also ready for streaming on iPhone and the new iPad.