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Grief and research

Death among friends and close family can be a serious life crisis for a child or an adolescent. The child carries this grief for the rest of its life, which can threaten its positive future growth.

Many children experience difficulties when trying to talk to teachers, friends, and others about their feelings and thoughts. The Egmont Foundation's donations to a Norwegian grief center ensures knowledge and dissemination of insights on children and young people in grief.

Senter for Krisepsykologi in Bergen is internationally acknowledged and the leading knowledge and research center for grief and life crises in Norway. The center councels governments and NGOs all over the world in crisis situations.

In connection with the acts of terrorism in Norway on 22 July 2011, the center played a central role as counselor to the Norwegian authorities. For instance, the center handled planning of a large part of the extensive crisis work in relation to the bereaved.

Through the years, the Egmont Foundation has supported the center's work on grief. With the latest donation, the center will be able to effectively disseminate accessible and actionable knowledge on sorrow and crisis to the Norwegian public and to professionals in Norway and abroad.

For instance, this can take the shape of handbooks, self-help tools and newly developed e-learning modules, that communicate knowledge on grief processes and on how to best support people in grief.

Furthermore, the center is conducting a large research project on the bereaved families and friends after the terrorist acts in Norway. The project aims to produce new knowledge on grief reactions and support services as well as to contribute with concrete recommendations on the improvement of crisis preparation measures.