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Free Books Increase Sale

When Egmont's publishing house Lindhardt and Ringhof marketed the novel Domino by Iselin C. Hermann they used new means in the fight of the readers attention.

20'000 special editions of Domino could be found all over Denmark in parks, train stations, cinemas, cafes or wherever someone had placed it.

On the first page of the novel the main character finds a book on a bench. He picks it up, puts it in his pocket and takes it with him while his thinking about the concept "wander boon". Lindhardt and Ringhof's marketing department took the author literally and therefore chose to market the book in a new and unconventional way that fitted the story of the book.

The special edition of the book has a stamp that says "wander boon – a gift to the one who finds it". There is also a special letter to the reader on the first page of the book that ends with an invitation: "Take it, read it, enjoy it – and share it with someone you care about."

The untraditional way of sales promotion got a good deal of press coverage and was supported by the first TV commercial ever from Lindhardt and Ringhof.
Marketing manager in Lindhardt and Ringhof, Niki Robson, thinks that by giving away the book for free, you reach people who otherwise wouldn't have bought the book.

The book has sold well and several book retailers have observed that Domino has had the highest sale numbers in the cities where the book has been given away for free.