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Egmont's Danish magazines increase readership by 124.000 compared to 2010

Egmont's Danish magazines have increased their readership with 124.000 in total compared to the 2. and 3. quarter in 2010. This is a progress of 21,2% - the largest progress among the competitors.

Last year the magazine business was badly hit with a large drop in readership. The latest figures from the rating agency Gallup is far more positive than previous half-year accounts. Egmont increased its readership by 124.000 compared to the 2. and 3. quarter in 2010. This is a growth of 21,2 pct. in total, and thereby the largest growth on the market – Aller increased by almost 16 pct. and Bonnier almost 11 pct.

"Over the past few years there has been great controversy about readership of magazines. We were uncomprehending towards the large drop our magazines experienced, since most of our titles had a circulation growth. It is therefore particularly gratifying to see that readership for our magazines and ALT for damerne is rising yet again," says Torsten Bjerre Rasmussen, Managing Director Egmont Magazines.

It is the smaller titles like RUM and Gravid, which increases their readership the most with over 30 pct. to 50.000 readers. Eurowoman and Euroman each have an increase of 25 pct. to 185.000 and 150.000 readers. However, the two magazines are still not on 2009 level despite the recent progress.

"The significant growth for Eurowoman and Euroman is extra gratifying, because these titles are very heavy on ads. Because readership is "value" for settlement of ads, it makes our negotiating position much stronger in a challenged market," says Torsten Bjerre Rasmussen.