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Egmont launches two new online market places

Egmont Hjemmet Mortensen has just launched BoNyttBazar, an online market place for interior design, as well as an online parenting market place for the magazine Foreldre & Barn.

With these online initiatives Egmont is steadily working towards broadening the digital universe of some of its strongest brands. Among the features of the market places are interesting and relevant articles and blogs as well as a place for buying and selling products.

"With strong brands on both web and print and a leading position in the interior magazine area in Norway, the starting point for this market place is very good”, says Kriss Daatland, Editor of Bonytt.

Editor of Foreldre & Barn, Tjodunn Eltvik Dyrnes, adds that, “Shopping second-hand, you save money while recycling. We have seen a change in attitude among the parents when it comes to second-hand. Earlier buying second-hand was frowned upon, but today it's considered smart and trendy

Please visit bonyttbazar.klikk.no/ and http://fbtorget.klikk.no/