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Egmont launches magazine for iPad

Egmont will launch its first magazine for iPad format in early November. The new publication is a specially designed edition of the house-and-home magazine, Bonytt Bad, published by Egmont's Norwegian magazine publisher, Hjemmet Mortensen.

Egmont will thus be the first magazine publisher in Norway to produce a magazine for iPad and other types of tablet PC. Bonytt Bad will also be Scandinavia's second iPad magazine.

'With Egmont's first magazine for the iPad platform, we are embarking on a new era in the uncharted but also strategically important market of tablet publishing. In reality, this is the first time we are charging for magazine content on the internet. It is crucial for Egmont to be upfront in testing business models for the future. We are looking forward to monitoring readers' willingness to pay for content and patterns of user behaviour. We will use the experience gleaned to launch other magazines on the same platform in future,' says Torsten Bjerre Rasmussen, Executive Vice President of Egmont Magazines.

For Hjemmet Mortensen, Bonytt Bad is an obvious choice of magazine for launch on iPad.

'Interior design features and images are almost made for iPad. We lead the market for home and interior design magazines in Norway, with both rising readership figures and a growing advertising market. The real work of designing a tablet PC magazine for the future starts now. We can create editorial magazines with added value and we believe readers are willing to pay for that. Now we need to go out and listen to our readers and continue the development work with their help,' says Anne Britt Berentsen, managing director of Hjemmet Mortensen.

Bonytt Bad for iPad gives readers the best of both the print and the net worlds. The magazine incorporates multimedia elements in the form of moving images, sound and opportunities for interaction while retaining the clear editorial focus associated with the print media. Bonytt Bad has been designed right from scratch in order to make the best possible use of the new format. Although readability is a top priority, there is also space for high-quality, inspiring pictures. New technical solutions give readers the chance to experience home products in a way previously only possible by visiting shops.

Bonytt Bad for iPad will be available in Apples App Store at the start of November at a price of NOK 39. Egmont is also involved in a Nordic collaboration with the media corporations Aller and Bonnier regarding the creation of a common platform for tablet magazine publishing.