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Egmont is the new owner of the Rasmus Klump universe

Egmont Serieforlaget is the new owner of the Danish cartoon universe, Rasmus Klump, which has captivated children in many countries since it was conceived in 1951.

Egmont intends to launch new initiatives to make the popular bear even more widely known.

According to a Danish saying, a favorite child – or in this case a bear – has many names. Called Rasmus Klump in Denmark and known in Sweden and Finland as "Rasmus Nalle", in Norway as "Bamse Bjørn" and in most other European countries as "Petzi", the endearing bear now has a new owner. Egmont Serieforlaget has purchased the Rasmus Klump ApS company, thus acquiring the rights to the best internationally known comic strip universe created in Denmark.

Since 1951, Rasmus Klump has appeared as a cartoon strip in over 400 different daily papers. The books have been translated into 18 languages and published in 25 countries. Fifty-two episodes of the animated cartoon have been regularly aired on TV screens in a host of countries. On top of this come games, cartoon albums, merchandising and toys. The universe is best known in the Nordic region and the German-speaking countries, but is popular in France and Belgium as well, and Chinese TV viewers have also followed the adventures of Rasmus Klump.

Egmont Serieforlaget intends to increase public awareness of the universe, and plans include new initiatives and collaborative ventures with other Egmont companies like Nordisk Film and the music company MBO. Egmont will also take over business contact and dialog with a wide range of external enterprises licensed to use the Rasmus Klump brand, either as the focal point of stories in the print and electronic media or as a way of drawing attention to other products such as travel and banking services.

"Rasmus Klump is synonymous with good stories about friendship and helpfulness. The universe is also a sterling classic with modern potential, which we are looking forward to perpetuating far into the future," says Jan Neiiendam, Managing Director of Egmont Serieforlaget.

Danish owner
Viking Media sold the company. Their ownership portfolio includes PIB Copenhagen A/S, which has sold the Rasmus Klump cartoon strips to newspapers in numerous countries, and will continue to do so. Kurt Dahlgaard, former Managing Director of Rasmus Klump ApS, stresses the importance of having found a Danish buyer for the company.

"Egmont has employees and companies in all media and a presence in 23 countries. Egmont can thus build on the work already done to promote the universe while expanding the spectrum of opportunities – from books and TV to games, the Internet, toys and merchandise. We are also certain that Egmont can continue to develop the concept to the same high quality standards and with the same appreciation of the values the characters represent," says Kurt Dahlgaard.

Viking Media's principal shareholder, PIB Editor Per Sanderhage, who has worked with Rasmus Klump for 27 years, will continue as an editor at Egmont Serieforlaget.

Egmont Serieforlaget already embraces a wide variety of comic strip universes from Asterix and Beetle Bailey to Lucky Luke and Gaston Lagaffe, whose rights are held by other companies. Egmont Serieforlaget's most famous comic universe is Donald Duck. As well as publishing Donald Duck magazines and books, Egmont creates its own stories and exports them to 43 countries the world over.

The Rasmus Klump Award will continue to be presented
The series about Rasmus Klump and his adventures with his friends aboard the good ship Mary were originally written by the husband-and-wife team, Carla and Vilhelm Hansen. A few years after Vilhelm Hansen's death in 1992, Carla Hansen (1906-2001) decided to instigate the Rasmus Klump Award in memory of their working collaboration and marriage partnership. The award is presented to Danes who have set a good example to others. The first person to receive the award was Crown Prince Frederik in 1998, and subsequent recipients have included the Danish Handicap Sports Union and Save the Children Denmark. The award will continue to be presented annually.