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Egmont invests in educational apps for the youngest

Egmont has acquired the small company Fusentasterne, who offer apps for the youngest children in Danish. The acquisition is part of Egmont's digital strategy including a focus on playing and learning. The aim is to further develop and export the popular and highly acclaimed apps abroad.

  • Number game from Fusentasterne

    Number game from Fusentasterne

Fusentasterne, which was founded in 2010, so far offer eight game apps in Danish, which teach children of one to six years words, letters, colors, numbers and sounds under titles such as: "The letter game" and "The word game". Fusentasterne has achieved a high popularity amongst Danish children and their parents, who wants educational / learning games in Danish for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android-based devices. The apps have about 130.000 users in Denmark. With the internat­ional Egmont Kids Media as a new owner, Fusentasterne will be further developed and marketed in countries, where Egmont is located.

"In Egmont we see a great potential in edutainment – products for children and their parents in the intersection between play and learning. More and more families want entertainment that offers more than a single dimension. The Fusentasterne apps are both educational and entertaining, and the concept has potential to travel the world, in countries where we have established channels," says Peter Schrøder, digital manager in Egmont Kids Media.

Fusentasterne was founded by entrepreneur and software developer Theis Søndergaard and his wife, Marie Bach Nielsen, in 2010. They couldn't find sufficient apps in Danish for their young son, and decided to develop some by themselves.

So far Fusentasterne have developed eight apps, of which two are free. Two more apps are in development. The next step is international distribution, which is now in the experienced hands of Egmont.

"It takes experience with children's entertainment and learning, it takes international format, a solid economy and a strong marketing position, to send Fusentasterne beyond the borders of Denmark. That makes Egmont the appropriate future owner of Fusentasterne. We have great respect for the things Egmont has achieved in these areas and are looking forward to follow the development of Fusentasterne in the company of Petzi apps and others," says Theis Søndergaard.

For further information please contact:
Peter Schrøder, digital direktør i Egmont Kids Media, tlf. 22 72 00 02, e-mail: peter.schroder@egmont.com

Theis Søndergaard, tlf. 28445006, e-mail: theis@fusentasterne.dk