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Egmont invests in ambitious Danish educational game

With the newly acquired co-ownership of the award winning online world, ABCiTY, Egmont emphasises its commitment to offering fun educational experiences to children. The goal is for the Danish edutainment game to continue its growth and expand to other countries as well.

Egmont has just acquired a co-ownership of the Danish ABCiTY A/S, which is the company behind the award winning ABCiTY computer game. When playing the game, children aged from four to seven can be educated on words and letters in an exciting fantasy world of green dinosaurs and evil spiders that threaten to destroy the future of the colourful ABCiTY. Because of this new cooperation, ABCiTY's universe can now be developed even further on new platforms, as well as become available for children in Northern Europe and China in the future.

Peter Schrøder, digital director at Egmont Kids Media, explains: "At Egmont we see huge potential in the edutainment genre – meaning the points of intersection between playing and learning. There is a still growing demand for entertainment with multiple dimensions, e.g. exercise or in this case education. To us, ABCiTY is an interesting concept as the game provides parents and their children with a safe online destination. In the ABCiTY game children can play while improving their reading skills, their general knowledge and learn about the alphabet in a fun and captivating universe."

ABCiTY is a fully developed online universe with 28 different characters, music, several different games, a book and educational booklets that all revolve around educational and pedagogical content. All products have been produced in cooperation with Nationalt Videncenter for Læsning, the national research centre for reading.

"This cooperation perfectly represents the kind of investment that we would love to continue perfecting in the future with new and exciting projects. ABCiTY is an ambitious and thoroughly prepared concept that has done very well from the very beginning, and that has been developed to run smoothly on a lot of different platforms from day one. Together we will now take ABCiTY to the next level – and I have good feeling about this one", says Peter Schrøder.

Manager at ABCiTY A/S, Tav Klitgaard, says: "We are both proud and very happy to have partnered up with Egmont. I see Egmont's investment as yet another proof that ABCiTY is a quality product with potential to go international. To us, this partnership is a unique possibility to market and distribute ABCiTY to even more children around the world - children who love to play and are eager for knowledge. Egmont has a lot of experience in bringing new concepts to the different mediums, e.g. books, board games, merchandise, apps etc. This is where we will be seeing ABCiTY in the future, and we cannot wait to expand our enchanting universe."

The partners have decided not to disclose the sales price, as well as Egmont's share.