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Egmont co-operates with other magazine publishers on joint e-magazine platform

Egmont has joined the Scandinavian magazine publishers Aller and Bonnier in a joint initiative to build up the market for digital magazines.

A joint e-magazine webstore is one of the ideas that are going to be explored by the Nordic Digital Magazine Initiative (NDMI), which the co-operation has been named.

"The market for e-readers is growing fast and generating opportunities for magnificent reading experiences. However, we are also aware that it is important to get a dialogue started with our advertisers about how the ads and the format should be in the digital magazines. Through the Nordic Digital Magazine Initiative, we want to champion an open market to the readers and the advertisers," says Kjeld Lucas, CEO Egmont Magazines.

Nordic Digital Magazine Initiative aims to create a reader experience on the digital platforms that can sustain and strengthen the individual magazines and their unique characteristics. Secondly, NDMI want to set a standard for digital magazines publishing that promotes different platforms and e-readers, to thereby give the readers the best possible experience. Finally NDMI will initiate a dialogue with the ad market about standards, methods of measurement and innovative ad solutions and investigate the possibilities for establishing a joint store solution for digital magazines.

"Our readers love our magazines, and we want to make sure that the reading experience is just as good on the many new e-readers that have hit the market. We are heading into a time with major technological fragmentation and therefore we want to champion open standards and single distribution on all relevant platforms," says Erik Aller, Chief Executive of Aller Media.

"It is important that we engage in a dialogue with all the partners in the value chain to secure the readers a reading experience they appreciate and are willing to pay for. We think that Nordic Digital Magazine Initiative is important for the consumers," says Ulrika Saxon, Managing Director for Bonnier Magazine Group.