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Egmont and Oxygen consolidate their parental media into one media house

Egmont Magazines has bought the majority of shares in Oxygen Magazines. Egmont's media within the parental universe will be incorporated into Oxygen Magazines in order to create one united and powerful media house. As a new feature, parents are now able to take out a subscription during the pregnancy and receive a magazine every month for the next eight years with content tailored to fit their child's age.

"In order to become market leader within media aimed at parents, Egmont Magazines has bought the majority of shares in Oxygen Magazines, which is where all of our parental media will be gathered in the future. Oxygen Magazines obtains a unique positioning, both within print and digital, and we predict great opportunities for us to work closely together with our Norwegian colleagues who are already well-established on the parental media market", says Torsten Bjerre Rasmussen, Managing Director at Egmont Magazines.

"Creating one unified media house holds a lot benefits as well as opportunities for us. Now we can market all our parental magazines under the slogan: 'Our Children – the magazines that suit your child at every age'. A reader can subscribe when she gets pregnant and receive a magazine that fits the child's age perfectly every month for the next eight years. This is a completely new concept in the world of Danish magazines, and I am convinced that it will attract buyers of single copies as well as subscribers and advertisers", says Henrik Løvstrøm, Managing Director at Oxygen Magazines.

He also expects that the focus on the online media of Oxygen will increase – Oxygen is already well-represented on the online market by voresbørn.dk.

With Egmont Magazines as majority shareholder Oxygen Magazines A/S will continue as an independent media house on Østerbro, Copenhagen with Henrik Løvstrøm as Managing Director. The previous owners of Oxygen and Henrik Løvstrøm still have a significant holding in the company.

Oxygen Magazines will from now on be publishing 'Vores Børn Gravid' ('Our Children Pregnant) four times a year, 'Vores Børn Baby' ('Our Children Baby') twice a year, 'Vores Børn Mini' ('Our Children Mini') twelve times a year, and 'Vores Børn Junior' ('Our Children Junior') twelve times a year. Adding to this are two special publications with a 'healthy family' focus. Egmont's magazine 'Vi Forældre' ('We, Parents') will be closed down as an independent magazine, while 'Gravid' ('Pregnant') will be named 'Vores Børn Gravid' ('Our Children Gravid') gathering all titles under the 'Vores Børn' ('Our Children') umbrella.