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TV2 set Norwegian viewership record

Winning The World Championships on Sunday evening, the women's national handball team of Norway had every reason to celebrate. But so did TV2 who broke the existing Norwegian viewership record.

On Sunday evening the Norwegian handball women beat France 32-24 to win The World Championship. No less than 1.611.000 viewers were watching the match on average peaking when two million Norwegians followed the game.

This represents a market share of 82,4% and it is the station's – and the Norwegian – viewership record. Since the counting started in 1993, no program has reached over 2 million simultaneous viewers.

"These are historical figure and we are thrilled and very proud”, says chief editor Alf Hildrum. Channel director Niel Ketil Andresen follows up: "We had expected high ratings, but I had not expected that we could set a new record. Handball never fails to deliver viewers."

TV2's previous rating record was the Idol final in 2005, which drew in 1.475.000 music-interested viewers.

TV 2 Top 10 – Since its beginning

1 Handball-VM: Norway - France (final) (18.12.2012) 1,611

2 Idol - resultater (20.05.05) 1,475

3 World Idol (01.01.04) 1,407

4 Handball VM: Norway-Denmark (final) (14.12.97) 1,392

5 EM Football: Slovenia-Norway (21.06.00) 1,356

6 Nyhederne og Vejret (18.12.11) 1,337

7 VM: Handball Ladies: Norway-France. (12.12.99) 1,337

8 Handball-EM: Norway - Sweden (19.12.10) 1,322

9 Nyhederne (21) (01.01.04) 1,305

10 Football: Poland-Norway (VM-qualifications) (13.10.93) 1,302