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Egmont Publishing becomes new license agent for Cartoon Network in the Nordic countries

Turner Broadcasting Nordic has chosen Egmont Publishing Kids as new license agent representing Cartoon Network’s brands in the Nordic countries. The contract runs for three years and includes brands as the award winning Adventure time, Gumball and the popular Ben10.

  • Ben10


Egmont Publishing Kids is from now on the Nordic home for a list of well-known characters from Cartoon Network counting Ben10, Adventure time, Gumball, Regular show, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Cow & Chicken, Dexter´s Laboratory, I am a Weasel, Johnny Bravo, Samurai Jack and LEGO Mixels.

Michael Benzon, Head of Licensing, Egmont Publishing Kids: “Turner Broadcasting is a company with a wide range of well-loved kid brands such as Ben10, Mixels and Adventure time among others.  We see a lot of opportunities in this region for these brands, and working close with both Turner’s licensing department and sales department will enable us to optimize the business. We look forward to a close collaboration which will further strengthen our business in the Nordic region.”

Hans Heide, Sales Director Nordic & Baltic, Turner Broadcasting: “We are truly excited to be working with such a forward looking company as Egmont. They have been appointed our agent for the Nordic countries focusing on licensing and looking at other opportunities as well. The collaboration will build a solid integration between advertising and licensing, to secure a growing business with a lot of new creative solutions both for our ad sales clients and our licensing clients.”


About Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is all about fun, adventure and entertainment for kids. The programmes are a mix of contemporary classics and brand new cartoons to create appeal for all ages. The channel is home to some of the world’s best known and loved cartoon characters such as Ben 10, Emmy Award winning Adventure Time, the multi award winning Gumball and The Regular Show. Cartoon Network is one of the largest children’s channels in Sweden and all shows are dubbed to Swedish.

For more about Turner Broadcasting: http://emea.turner.com