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Egmont Kärnan publishes new Toy Story magazine

In connection with the forthcoming premiere of the third Toy Story animation movie Swedish Egmont Kärnan has created a magazine for preschoolers.

Egmont Kärnan, who publishes the weekly Donald Duck magazine and the Bamse "The world's strongest bear" magazine in Sweden, has created a new Toy Story magazine in connection with this year's Toy Story 3 movie which will be in cinemas later this summer.

The magazine is an educational play-and-learn booklet for preschoolers around five years and illustrated with the well known characters from the three Toy Story movies.

So far, four publications have been planned and each magazine will be printed in 25,000 copies. The first issue will be in stores two weeks before the premiere of Toy Story 3. Whether there will be further publications than the four already planned has not yet been decided but it is not impossible.

"Toy Story is a strong brand so a continuation is certainly not impossible," says Sofia Nillson, productmanager of pre-school publications at Egmont Kärnan, to Dagens Media.