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Egmont Anniversary - 130 Years

Today Egmont celebrates its 130th anniversary. Every minute every day we sell 475 magazines and 152 books in the world.

Egmont is the owner of the largest commercial television network in Norway and brings stories to life through a plethora of books, magazines, comics, movies, games and education material, just to name a few. The fairytale that began in a little humble apartment in the working section of Copenhagen has grown into one of Scandinavia's leading media groups. Egmont's development from kitchen table printing to a modern media group with operations in more than 30 countries is the result of a sustained development based on the same virtues of innovation, quality, and care, with which Egmont himself founded the company 130 years ago.

The Founder
A dream comes true as the 17 year old Egmont Harald Petersen with a loan on his mother's assets buys a 'flyswatter' a hand operated, simple printing machine to start his one man business. Egmont's ability to think along new lines and to innovate has the full backing of his mother Petrine who mortgages her own lifeline, her sowing machine, to enable her son to realize his dream. With his characteristic self assurance and risk willingness Egmont H. Petersen throughout his life reinvests almost all the profits in his company.

Egmont's lucky coin
Uncle scrooge is not the only one to posses a lucky coin. On the very day Egmont H. is heading into town to pick up the first equipment for his printing shop, he finds a coin on the cobble stones in the Copenhagen working area. This coin becomes Egmont's lucky coin and is today kept in a safe deposit at the Head Office in Vognmagergade.