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Donald Duck gets his first Scandinavian app

Norwegian, Danish and Swedish children now have access to the entire Duckberg universe through the new Donald Duck app. For the first time it is now possible to hand-pick your favourite cartoons digitally.

The app includes everything from classic Carl Barks stories to longer Donald Duck adventures. Today twenty different stories are available in the app, and every Friday new stories will be added, thus readers will have hundreds of stories to choose from eventually.

In order to continue sharing the good stories Donald Duck must follow his readers and fans onto new, digital platforms.

"We know that Donald Duck's readers are modern people who use several different digital media. Therefore, we are convinced that this app is something that they will appreciate and enjoy," says Christina Gustafson, Marketing Manager at Egmont Kärnan in Sweden.
A modern solution

In spite of the new distributional technology the content will remain recognisable for Donald Duck's readers. The stories will continue taking place in Duckberg, the town we all know and love, with the same familiar faces of the inhabitants. Donald Duck will continue dressing like a sailor and end up in unfortunate situations, and Gladstone Gander will still be born under a very lucky star.

"Duckberg has actually always been up-to-date – just think of all the things that Gyro Gearloose has invented through the years. Gladstone Gander is probably also delighted that Duckberg now has its very own app," says Anders Krokfoss, Business Area Manager at Egmont Serieforlaget in Norway.

The app supports the paper cartoons

The app is based on the cartoon's original universe, and will mirror the paper version. The goal is to put more focus on all the great stories that have managed to create a love of reading among Scandinavian children.

The app is meant as a supplement to the weekly paper cartoons, thus its purpose is not to replace the special and great reading experience you have when reading an original Donald Duck cartoon.

"Paper is still the leading media, and the weekly circulation is stabilising. We have even noticed that our website has had a great increase in visitors, and because our readers are present on so many different digital platforms, being able to offer them a great new digital product is fun and exciting," says Krokfoss.

The app is called Disney Comics, and is available for both iPad and iPhone. By downloading the app you will get one free story as well as the possibility to buy more.