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Donald Duck & Co. joins the battle against bullying

Every week, thousands of children follow Donald Duck and his new adventures in Duckberg. This is a great opportunity to not only entertain, but also educate the readers on socially relevant issues such as bullying.

  • Fri for Mobberi Børnestafetten

    Fri for Mobberi Børnestafetten

Donald Duck & Co. have been sponsors of Børnestafetten (an annual child relay) arranged by The Mary Found and Save the Children as part of their mutual project against bullying. In 2012 the popular child-TV host Mr. Beard joined the relay with more than 1300 children. Read more about the event on www.børnestafetten.dk.

The Mary Fond and Save the Children’s project is an educational anti-bullying program that prevents and addresses bullying in kindergartens, youth centers and the youngest classes of school.

The Donald Duck sponsorship among others included a donation of 1 kroner per magazine sold, free magasines for all children participating in the relay and reading-corners to the event.

This year the relay will be held in Copenhagen and Aarhus where Donald Duck will be there to support the good cause again.