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Dogan Egmont Wins the Innovation Prize

Last year Dogan Egmont won the Turkish innovation prize awarded by Dogan Media Holding and now the company wins it again with the series "Classical Music Tales" about world famous composers

Every year the most innovative projects within the media industry are awarded by the Turkish media group, Dogan Media Holding. In 2008 Dogan Egmont won the innovation prize in the category of "The most Innovative Book of the Year" for the second time.

The winning project of 2008 contains a range of books about the world famous composers Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Vivaldi. The books give children aged 6-12 insight to the lives and works of the composers. Every book is followed by a CD containing music and the history of the composers told as tales with humour and illustrations.

The series was launched October, 2007 and is already one of the bestsellers among Turkish children's books.

Last year Dogan Egmont won the same prize with the book "Choices of Stones" written by Turkey's youngest author.