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Director Kaspar Munk receives the Nordisk Film Award 2013

Wednesday evening in the Imperial Cinema in Copenhagen, the Danish film and television industry's biggest talent award, the Nordisk Film Award, was presented. The winner of the prestigious award was director Kaspar Munk who received 107.000 Danish Kroner along with the award.

  • Kaspar Munk. Foto: Joachim Ladefoged.

    Kaspar Munk. Foto: Joachim Ladefoged.

Since 2010, the Nordisk Film Award has focused on young emerging talents rather than established names. In 2010, film maker Michael Noer shared the award with director and screenwriter Tobias Lindholm. In 2011, the winner was screenwriter Anders August, and last year's award went to director Omar Shargawi.

This year's award went to director Kaspar Munk, who debuted as a feature film director in 2010 with the youth drama Hold Me Tight. Kaspar Munk's second feature from last year, You and Me Forever, won the Robert Award for Best Children and Family Film, and supporting actress Frederikke Dahl Hansen received a Bodil Award for her performance.

Thomas Heinesen, Chairman of the award committee and producer at Nordisk Film Production, presented the award to Kaspar Munk and said in his speech:

"Not being in a hurry, not pandering to trends, not striving for experiments only for experimentation's sake - those may not sound like obvious core values ​​for a worthy winner of the Nordisk Film Award, but in the case of Kaspar Munk that is exactly what it is. We have no doubt that he can be both innovative and dramaturgically experimental, but for him it will never be the starting point. It is the struggle of being human for better or worse that fills his work and that always comes first in line. It is the recognizable, attentive and human tale of relations that he needs to tell."

The Nordisk Film Award is presented annually by the Nordisk Film Foundation. Besides the honor, the award is accompanied by a sum of money equal to Nordisk Film's age times 1000 Danish Kroner - this year equalling 107.000. When the prize was given to Kaspar Munk last night it was the 17th time the prize was awarded and the fourth time that it was presented in connection with the opening of the CPH PIX film festival.